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ESG Management Program


The Program provides unity and integration between all of the organization's ESG initiatives, finds ways to monetize these efforts, and impacts business results. It also provides the content of the Sustainability Report, in real time.
The Program begins by identifying the ESG status, Move forward through Program planning, reviews Guidelines and Practices, elects Indicators, determines them quantitatively, prepares the Dashboard, establishes goals, and builds and monitors the Action Plan. It also produces the Materiality Matrix and the Risk Matrix.

ESG Maturity Diagnosis

This diagnosis assesses the organization's ability to integrate sustainable practices into its operations. It includes the measurement of environmental impacts, management of social relations and transparency in decision-making. This analysis provides a holistic view of how the company addresses key issues related to sustainability, allowing it to identify areas for improvement and establish strategies to advance Sustainable Development.

Sustainability Report

The Sustainability Report is a statement of the company's position towards its market and stakeholders. Its content must prioritize the quantified reporting of sustainable actions and programs, and mainly report the valuation of the resulting impacts. All of this is framed by declarations of management principles . No, the other way around. Its obligation from 2028* provides a deadline for companies to migrate from current infographic presentations to more intense content, perceived as complete and legitimate by the market. Its preparation becomes faster, more natural and safer when the company manages all the ESG carried out on a recurring basis using technology . Talk to our experts about how to materialize this program.

* See CVM Resolution 193

Integrity Program

Complete preparation of an Integrity Program, aiming to meet external certification requirements for the provision of services or supply of products. 

ESG Materiality

Complete preparation of the Organization's Sustainability Report, based on management philosophy and attitude, on Indicators, Dashboard and ESG Actions and Programs, in variable models according to the organization's operating segment.

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ESG Education

Tailor-made programs for each organization, in order to educate or develop about ESG, and participation in Client and Corporate University programs.

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