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It is already possible to observe the migration from Greenwashing to Greenwishing in the market. It is the necessary step to evolve towards GreenDoing. Pure Greenwashing is no longer accepted, because environmental factors are there, putting pressure on human society. But Greenwashing also has the positive side of the feeling of needing to be connected to the topic, and Greenwishing is the establishment of the desire to do something objective in this sense. And to seek knowledge and services capable of accelerating the process. Greenwishing is already a constructive vector. And GreenDoing happens when the economic equation closes. When the E of ESG embarks on business strategy and management, what happens is Sustainable Development. Natural and recurring.

By referring to the iconic color of nature, these expressions focus on the Environment, but subliminally extend to the Social, in which themes such as Diversity, Inclusion, Equality and Relationship with Communities are already at a certain level of practice, validated by some antagonism and reactions to necessary changes. The opportunity in Social is to look additionally at more immediate things, such as income distribution, physical and mental well-being and preventive health, eating habits, and the like. These are all factors that are at hand, with a viable monetary equation and results. Focusing on one thing at a time uses the power of recurrence and time in favor of implementation.

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