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Some of the work with partner organizations in which we have already made changes in practice


Sustainable Development Program

We created and implemented the Company Sustainable Development Program, responsible for the operation of one of the largest port terminals in Brazil. The Integrow Method unifies the universes of Corporate Governance, Operations Management, Stakeholder Engagement, Social and Environmental Responsibility, Risk Management, Ethics and Compliance in a single journey. Part of this journey is the transfer of knowledge and know-how to the client, who manages and implements the guidelines from our platform.


Compliance & Corporate Integrity

We diagnose, improve and implement the Guidelines and Practices of the Investment Bank Compliance and Corporate Integrity Program. Based on an in-depth diagnosis process with interviews with Advisors and Executives, and cross-referencing with global best practices, we developed a series of strategic recommendations that improved the way the Bank sees Compliance. 70% of the suggested recommendations were implemented by the Bank.


Risk Management

We created and implemented the Risk Management Program for a Medicine Distribution Company, one of the largest cosmetics and hygiene industries in Brazil. Throughout the process we formed the company's Risk Management Committee, engaged key stakeholders, prepared the program for certifications, designed risk and mitigation and control plans. Furthermore, a plan based on the opportunities identified was implemented to integrate Risk Management into the company's Governance and Management.


Corporate Education on Sustainability

We developed a training program for Company Directors in different regions of Brazil with a focus on Ethics, Diversity and Human Rights in the workplace and customer service. Based on the analysis of case histories related to the organization's themes, culture, and climate, we developed a board to support the process of dealing with complex situations and issues. The idea of Circular Processes, developed by Kay Pranis, which organizes dialogue, group communication and conflict resolution served as the basis for action to reduce negative cases and increase positive cases in the company.

Other Customers

In each Client, a different story of added value to the business and its Sustainable Development

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